Lucky Life

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“Lucky Life” is another bloody arcade game for boys from a series of brutal games. You will go on a crazy journey with a lucky guy. True, after a couple of initial levels, his degree of “luck” is under a big question mark. The guy will meekly go forward, not even realizing what terrible trials await him ahead. You will control his every step and the life of the poor thing depends only on you.

Each new path will be dotted with deadly traps and dangerous tools. You need to deftly slip through huge circular saws, windmills with deadly spikes and large presses. Only dexterity and adrenaline rush will help the unfortunate to overcome all obstacles and remain intact. If the poor fellow falls into the trap, then you can’t avoid the fractures and rivers of the bloodthirst, whipping in different directions.

To earn three stars, you need to fulfill rather strange conditions. For example, do not touch the apple or jump to the finish flag. For the earned stars, you can open a new hero: clerk, athlete, girl, guard or fat man. Only luck will help you stay alive!

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